Complicated in a Simple Manner

This is a blog about me and my complicated, simple life. I am an easy person because I have no preferences, and I'll always try anything once. But, I'm also difficult because I'm so easy. Confused yet? Read and enjoy the ups and downs of my everyday life.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Words, cut like a sword

Have you ever wondered how words can cause panic and fear in most people? If you think about it long enough, you come to realize just how retarded our society has become. We fear words because of their meanings; who makes up the meanings? I happen to love words, regardless of their meanings. Take the word Pagan. It's fun to say, it brings vividly bright, happy images to mind, yet people act as if the word, in itself, is evil. There is another good word, "Evil". Backwards it is live, anagrammed it is vile, or levi, or veil. Words are plain fun! Back to the funness, (which isn't a word, but I don't give a crap) of the word Pagan. I didn't really notice the word years ago when I first saw the movie "Dragnet", starring Tom Hanks and Dan Ackroyd, but I noticed it when I watched the movie after all these years. There was a group of people worshipping whatever, dressed in goat leggings and passing pills around and performing ridiculous dances; and, making fun of everyone who fears Pagans. What I loved most was what they had Pagan standing for: People Against Goodness And Normalcy, I need to buy this movie and add it to my extensive collection. Why does our society feel the need to fear, ridicule, judge, exert power over others? Why can't we learn to live, nurture, learn, love, accept. I didn't pay much attention to the news, but some guy was getting attention because he theorized what would happen to Earth if there was no-one here. Who cares? He could be right or wrong, but what does it matter? There would be no one here to confirm his thoughts, or speculation. I think we all should start simply theorizing about everything, make the media be fair, if they are going to listen to one nut, they should have to listen to all the other nuts on the trees. I demand my air time to make all my speculations about everything from a blade of grass to the endless sky. People fear the word, or meaning of, death; anagrammed, hated. Why? It is something each and everyone of us will have to go through. Death can't be cheated, stopped or avoided; it's inevitable that we will all die, we all owe a death for living. So why is it feared? Is it because we don't know what will happen? If you think about it, nobody knows what is going to happen from one second to the next, so why don't we fear every moment? The society we live in is one of the cruelest in history. We love to ridicule, make fun of, and dominate whoever we can and call it living. Take Miss Teen South Carolina, here is a teenager being made fun of because she made a remark that made absoluely no sense whatsoever. I listened to all five questions, and she had the hardest one to answer. The teenager that won had to choose between three losers who use people to make themselves feel better and she answered with a smile on her face. The correct response for her should have been, "Since those are the only three choices, I would have to choose none of them because they are all bad role models for the young and, I wouldn't endorse their lifestyles." But, like our society, those girls are being trained to appease others by anwering questions based on what others want to hear. I would like to see teenagers with their own thoughts and opinions; actually I would like to see everyone able to make up their own minds and have more original thoughts and not care about who they offend with them. Honesty is a value and virtue that has lost all meaning in our society. There is a word to fear: Honesty, it hurts, makes people cry, and tears open healed wounds. When are we, as a society, going to start thinking for ourselves? When are we going to stop trying to make others happy, and make ourselves happy instead? When are we going to grow up mentally and stop letting "Words" run our life and affect us?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Free Time

Since I started school at the beginning of this year; seems I haven't had time to do much else but study. Summer school is over, which was an experience I don't ever want to do again. It would not have been so bad with just one class, but having 2 is too much of a load, and a lot of stress. Every day from Monday to Thursday; three hours in each class, and too much homework. Add that to having a math teacher who has no idea how to teach put extra stress and anxiety on me. I was trying to write essays and learn factoring at the same time, but luckily that is all behind me now. I am only taking one class next semester, which is one I will enjoy. It is an English writing class; thank Goddess, since I can't write in French. I learned more from the other writing class than I thought I would. I have been writing sentences for years, but now I can at least, sometimes, recognize a complex, compound, and simple sentence. I know what a dependent and independent clause is, and when I started the class I was clueless. The teacher was a bit gruff the first day, but that was to get rid of the students that were not serious about his/her education.
So now I am official enjoying summertime, and have not done a darn thing. I thought I might go swimming, get the yard cleaned up, do some chores that I had been putting off, but I have not done anything. Pathetic, I know. I want to finish my cross-stiching, but I never find the energy to pick it up and just start working. I have piles of limbs I could cut up and get rid of now, but it's a little hot out. I could mow the lawn, but then I would have to go get gas, that seems like a lot of trouble. So now I have all this free time on my hands, and I am doing nothing!
I did enjoy a lazy round of golf this past weekend. I set up on the first tee, took a couple practice swings, and really paid attention to every movement. Concentration took over; I approached the ball, took a swing and watched it land on the green. Pride seeped through me, I have a hard time hitting greens. It took two putts into the hole for par, and I moved on. I set up the next ball, using the same strategy, took my swing, and the ball couldn't have went any farther than thirty yards, considering it's well over a 100 yards to the pin, I had flubbed. But I braved on and recorded a seven before I was done, and that is the way the rest of the round went. I love the game of golf, there's nothing that compares. You are not out to beat an opponent, unless you're in a tournament, which is something I will never be able to do. Admitting that makes me think it's time Michelle Wie comes to grips with the reality that she is not a tournament golfer. She is an embarrassment to the sport and whoever sponsers her is making a mockery of the other women who take the sport of golf seriously. She was never a prodigy, she simply had one or two really good rounds of golf, like we all do eventually. Now she wants to blame her wrist, which is one of the lamest excuses, for all mishaps. Didn't we just have a golfer win, and had backpain not so long ago? I guess some people just heal faster. I get really sick of seeing the headlines with Wie breaking par. Who cares!!! There was so many more golfers who actually played and did well. The press needs to stop giving her headlines just because she breaks par, or falls 20 back with all her double bogeys. The way she plays she could be my partner, and I would feel good about the way I play.
Okay enough rambling, I tend to do that, which my professor realized after reading a couple of my essays. He gave me good advice to focus on the subject, but with me there could never be one subject. That would be one dimensional and I am three dimensional, therefore, I tend to ramble on and on. Too bad I couldn't use that energy to finish some projects around here. All in good time, I will get to them; after my body replenishes itself from being a student all summer long.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Summer Time!!....Almost

Well I finished my first semester of college after an almost 25 year absent from studying. I only took 2 classes, pre-requistes, but, I am still proud that I received A's in both classes. I will be starting summer school, and that will be two more classes I can get out of the way so I can apply for the nursing program at the college. It seems like a long process and I can't believe I am actually taking the time out for this, but in the long run having a degree is better then a minimum wage job.
My husband and I went to San Francisco for the weekend. Watched a Giants ballgame, spent the night, attended church the next morning, then spent the day in traffic and getting to Golden Gate Park to see the Japanese Tea Garden. We are 6-0 watching the Giants play. I am beginning to think we are bad luck for them, but nonetheless, we will continue going to see them. They have to win at some point! The best news I have heard of for the Giants was the vanishing of Benitez. Athletes are always exciting to watch, but there are a few bad apples among all the good ones. Watching the bad apples is never fun. My list for bad athletes is actually quite small. Benitez just had a very cocky attitude, and always got an incredulous look on his face when someone would hit a homerun off him, there isn't any pitcher who hasn't had a homerun smacked off him, so the looks just made him look even stupider. Yeah I know that isn't a word, but it is in my book! Michelle Wie is another, I can't even call her an athlete. She walks out on the courses like she is a queen, and she isn't even good. At best she is a good weekend golfer, but she isn't good enough to compete with the real athletes. Her and Benitez would actually make a good couple, they could blame everybody and everything else for anything that goes wrong. Take this last tournament she was in, it was actually smart of her to drop out because if she hadn't, she would not get to participate in any more LPGA events for the rest of the year. She was only in the tournament because her sponsors got an exemption for her, and if she had scored an 88 in any round she would not be allowed to golf in any more LPGA events, regardless of who is sponsoring her. And of course, she did fall back on the old, "my wrists hurt", which I don't believe for a second. She was saving her own hide, plain and simple. Just what excuse will come up in the next tournament? Raiders and 49er's, I can't even look at individual athletes here, I simply can't stand either team, personal thingy.
OK, off on another route, we have our new refrigerator, stove, roof, air conditioning and heat, and now just waiting for the floors and gutters. And I got a new computer, which hasn't been easy, because I'm not much of a computer geek, I just like playing games and reading a couple blogs, and this windows Vista is pure hell for me.
Well that's about it for now on my rantings, I haven't been feeling too well this past week, but in good time, all things will pass.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The World Keeps Turning

It's been a long time, and much has been happening. I quit my job some time ago, differences with the new post master, don't know who came up with that term for a boss. But, since that time, I enrolled back in college. 41, and here I am with teenagers and young adults, relearning the basics of mathematics, humanities and soon english. I really wanted to learn this time around, so I'm not sure if it was the teacher or my thirst for learning, but I actually understand math for the first time in my life. It's not really difficult or hard, just complicated, like me. I can know solve linear equations, find radius', deal with exponents and deal with polynominals. The humanistic teacher was pretty much a flake, but she means well, and studying subjects on my own has gotten me an A in the class. Of course, I do have the finals to still take, but I have to have confidence that the tests will be no different from the others I have received "A's" on. I will be going to summer school, which will last 4 weeks, and that will push up me enrolling in the nursing program a semester early.
Bigger changes around our home have been happening lately. My gorgeous husband purchased a refrigerator and stove, and they are in my kitchen and looking fabulous. We had a new roof put on, but now we gotta paint. It almost seems like too much trouble to have the nice things. We will be getting a new air conditioner and heater next week. I can do without the air conditioner, I love being hot, but the new heater will be a blessing in the winter time. We also got a new mattress. You can tell I have never priced a mattress, I assumed we would go get one for $100 or maybe $200, it sure as hell blew me away that the thing we sleep on goes for over $1000 at times.
We will be going to our first Giants game next weekend, and to say I am excited is a gross understatement. We have arcade 148 tickets, 1st row, seats 1 and 2. Close enough to spit sunflower seeds on Randy Winn.
Anyways, I really don't miss my old job, even though it pains me at times to not contribute to bills around here. My husband is sweet and tells me he looks at the whole picture, and after I finish nursing school I will be doing more then enough. But I look at the here and now, and it's hard to get past just doing homework and housework and earning no money. I'm one of the lucky ones to have found the most caring and understanding man in this crazy realm. You're my heart and soul, I love you Allan!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Too Long

I haven't had much interest in blogging lately. Reading others' has been more stimulating for me at the moment. I have taken a turn in the road recently, and I will be having more time on my hands, but hopefully not for long. I feel some inspiration coming on.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

My Own Review

My husband and I was going to wait until Sunday to see the DaVinci Code movie, but decided instead to attend it's grand opening showing. There were a few protestors outside the theater, but since it was raining, they were huddled together on the opposite side of the street under an alcove. I am almost always in the mood for a movie, but rarely go to the theaters, that would mainly be because it costs $13 to get in and about the same for popcorn and drinks and candy and with that money I could have just waited and bought the movie and enjoyed it in the comfort of my own home. Theater seats are never comfortable and someone always laughs too loud or you have an annoying head in your view. But because of all the hoopla over this movie and the protestors we overcame all these obstacles to see the movie critics are downing. I never listen to a critic about the movies I watch, they tend to overanalyze the crap out of a movie and never take it at face value. It's a movie!!! Made to entertain you. The movie starred Tom Hanks and was directed by Opie, both talents have been entertaining people for years and in my opinion they continue to do so in DaVinci Code. There was nothing shocking in the movie, nothing I hadn't already discovered for myself. There was humor, facts, twists, it entertained, exactly what a movie is supposed to do. It kinda reminded me of National Treasure, people on a quest to seek the truth. I still cannot understand why it is such a threat to think that Jesus could have been married. Moses, Abraham, Joseph all the men in the Bible were married. The protestors believe it is heretical to even think about Jesus taking a wife. Nobody will ever know for a fact if that is true or not, none of us were there. People have contemplated, discussed, argued over the facts of history for years and by human nature it will be on-going for many years to come. People have their own opinions for so many different subjects, but it seems when it comes to religion you can see week after week people attending church and never having their own thoughts. If this movie gets just one person to search out the facts for themselves and come up with their own conclusions it has hit it's mark. I already intend to buy the movie when it comes out on DVD. Then I can lounge at home in my own comfort instead of having my tailbone aching in them uncomfortable chairs at the theater. Getting a little off subject now, why hasn't anyone, anywhere constructed a movie theater for the public to enjoy??? We have so many products to make life easier, you can buy shredded cheese, instead of taking a few minutes and shredding it yourself, we have instant potatoes and rice and microwavable food, all intended to make life easier( I call it making the public more lazy). Yet nobody has a theater with recliners to sit in or couchs to laze on. You are stuffed into a room with little chairs with no leg room, people tend to frown when you put your feet on the chair in front of you to get comfortable. A movie theater built for comfort rather then for attendance would be packed everyday.
My recommendation for DaVinci Code: I liked it, the acting was good, it did exactly what a movie is supposed to do, entertain you. To all you protestors, protest something worthwhile, like uncomfortable seats in a theater. This movie will not change the course of history or religion. A big thank you should be given to the Vatican for all the free publicity, without them, the movie would not have attracted many people. By nature people love to rebel, when told not to do something, we do the opposite. Maybe it's time to use something God gave each one of us: Our own minds, make up your own mind people, stop listening to others, stop going with the flow, you have your opinion on so many things, take it one step further, make up your own mind about your sprituality.
There was a preview for a remake of an old movie before the DaVinci Code, The Omen. A movie about the Devil to be released 6-6-06,good date. I expect the Vatican to draw as much attention to this movie since it attacks the Catholic church by having priests deliver the young devil spawn into the world. To do nothing about this movie would be hypocritical, but then we all know the church is not hypocritical, don't we?

Friday, March 31, 2006


The day finally arrived....We show up at the airport early, for checking in and that was a good thing. They make you take off your shoes, belts, everything out of your pockets, jackets, sweaters, and I even had to throw my lighter away, I could have held the entire airplane hostage with that little thing! After passing through security, we were on our way. In the plane and on our way to Arizona, BASEBALL time! But first we had a small layover in Utah. That was not a pleasant place, it wasn't attractive from the plane landing, and it was freezing after landing and I couldn't wait to just be on my way from there. The flight to Phoenix was spectacular, we were above the clouds and it was like traveling in heaven. After landing and finally finding the car rental, getting directions and finding the motel, we could finally almost relax. We had our first meal, Subway, which was excellent or we were just hungry, either way I enjoyed the sandwich. The people in Scottsdale were all friendly, pleasant and helpful...until you get them behind the steering wheel of a vehicle, then the possession takes over. I have never in my life seen such uncourteous drivers before, and don't step out into the street, I don't think they would even feel the bump of hitting you. Not to mention don't try and take a left hand turn in Arizona, they have never heard of such a thing. Plan all your trips with right hand turns, you will get to your destination faster.
Tuesday we spent the morning at the Botanical Gardens, which was beautiful and took alot of pictures. We had our first game at 1, and it would have been a good idea to get there early, but we were having fun and just flying by the seats of our pants. For a stadium that holds over 11,000 people, there is no parking. The parking garage and parking alongside the road all have 3 hour limits, and private homes are charging outrageous prices to park on their property. So after driving around and finally finding a spot for $5, we walk the 2 miles back to the stadium to watch our first game. The walking was ok, I have never minded walking but I am a stroller, a loper, I don't pace walk or like to walk briskly. The game was exciting, watching my flailer, Pedro is always exciting. He appears to have a little more sense this year and even managed a walk, which is an accomplishment.
The second game was a night game, so we had all day to walk around Old Town Scottsdale, which was exciting. We managed to find this little watering hole, South of the Border, which serves the best beer, Kiltlifters! Plus you can get one for a penny if you show them a ticket for the game that day and buy a sandwich. Well, after a couple of them, which loosened us up for some more fun, we headed to the game. It was cold, but just drink another beer and the weather is fine. Allan managed to procure an autograph from Peter Gammons, he had sat down just 2 rows in front of us off to the side. We managed to sit through most of the game before the cold got to us and since we didn't have a chance of winning we left for the comfort of our hotel room.
The next two days were spent in beautiful Sedona. The pictures on the internet I had been looking at didn't prepare me for the awesome vorteces and the red rock. I could easily see me and Allan setting up a house near there and living out the rest of our life in the most beautiful place on earth. Even McDonalds there didn't have the heart to put up "golden arches", instead they have turquoise arches, which go along with all the other beautiful businesses and houses there. Everything is earth toned and adobe styled and stunning.
Our last day in Arizona was a beautiful 85 degrees and another day game. We showed up early and I managed to get some autographs on my spring training ball, and the most special experience was having Pedro stand near me during the National Anthem. The Giants finally won on this day with Pedro hitting a homerun, and I know he did it just for me, no matter what anyone else says. Plus I had gotten Jason Ellison to sign my ball and he hit a grand slam! After the game we checked out the kiltlifters one last time then headed to Coopers'Town. It was a little frustrating finding the place with all the construction going on, but it was well worth it. The man has a very affordable establishment with the best sports and guitar memorabelia I had ever seen. I enjoyed myself immensely.
Thank you Allan, you have enriched my life in so many ways. You are my heart and soul and I thank the heavens the day you came into my life.